I’m Molly, an Australian girl with very big Korean inspired dreams. It all started late one night while flipping channels. I came across a show called PopAsia, a music show that plays music videos from Asian artists. I watched, half interested, half not, until one video started and I was instantly in love. That song – Fantastic Baby by Big Bang – This wasn’t the start, merely a taste. After listening to the song to death, I became bored and Big Bang was lost to my ever growing music library. Until late last year when my little sister discovered a K-Pop group called Astro, then they led to SF9 (and back to Big Bang), and then to BTS – BTS soon becoming my favourite! Since then, my life has better much lived and breathed Korea.

I’ve never cared much about skincare, and I don’t wear much makeup (usually just special occasions) and when I did wear makeup I would break out, my skin would not be happy. In March/April I was in a local play, which meant I had to wear heavy makeup 3 times a week, that added with bright stage lights, uncomfortable costumes, and sweat led to my skin completely losing the plot. What do I do? Thats when I started looking into Korean skincare. I purchased the book The Little Book of Skin Care by Charlotte Cho and so it began.

This blog is my way of sharing my thoughts, feelings, and experiences as I explore different skincare and cosmetic adventures, listening to amazing music, watch awesome TV and Films, and eat and cook amazing food… all Korean Inspired!